Sunday, July 10, 2011

Huge Catastrophe Seen in Meditation

Author: Long Feng Cheng Xiang

[] The Dafa disciple Longlong saw the huge catastrophe during meditation and sending righteous thoughts. One year ago he already saw some scenes. Some other scenes manifested gradually and some were seen just recently. We didn’t write it down because we were afraid of leaking heavenly secrets. But recently we read some articles online about catastrophes. So we thought writing it down might be able to inspire or warn people.................

1. The ground cracking: the ground sinks to form huge holes; buildings and people fall into the holes. This has happened in many countries and it has been reported in the news. But the current scale is only at the initial stage.

2. Mudslides: mud buries houses, villages and people. This has happened in many countries and it’s been reported in the news. It is also at the initial stage.

3. Oil spills: it has already happened, but it’s not the end. It is predestined. The specific numbers can’t be disclosed and meanwhile it’s not necessary to disclose it. The beings in the ocean suffered, and people suffered as well.....

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